ComeBack Stool

ComeBack Stool

The ComeBack Stool is inspired by the typically African calabash. The calabash is one of the first cultivated plants in the world, grown not for food but as a container. It sends out a playful and positive message: ‘Never give up!’ The design emphasises the informal connotation stools have in western society. It’s like a cheeky child, always coming back at you… but without the noise. It is time to acknowledge the huge influence African culture has had on the western world. ComeBack is both a battle cry and an invitation. Western and African cultures unite in this unique piece of furniture.

The ComeBack Stool won the audience award at the Habari Stool Competition 2010.

The Tumbler Principle
A tumbler rights itself up when pushed over. The bottom of a tumbler is round, roughly a hemisphere. It has a centre of mass below
the centre of the hemisphere, so that any tilting raises the centre of mass. Depending on geometry, a heavy disc at the bottom is necessary
to guarantee the tumbler effect. When a tumbler is pushed over, it wobbles for a few moments
while it seeks the upright orientation.

Photo 1 by Nathan Murell
Photos 2 & 3 by Harald Schlossko
Rendering by KIM+HEEP

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