tea glass and saucer for Lobmeyr

There were books written on the colour of tea. So why should we hide it? Inspired both by middle and far eastern tea cultures, this tea glass series celebrates positive globalisation. It is an extension of Josef Hoffmann’s classic Patrician series from 1917. The multilayer design focuses on Lobmeyr‘s core material: crystal glass. Simple and immediate, you feel the warmth. The shape opens up gracefully towards the top like a blossom, which also makes it pleasant to hold.

A wonderful glass to refine the moment of a joyful sip.

We knew that Lobmeyr’s thin and lead-free crystal can bear a lot of mechanical strain. But we proved during extensive tests, that it is also extremely resistant against any change of temperature. Its performance was far superior to industrially produced glass!

Video by KIM+HEEP
Photos Klaus Fritsch