Love Rocker & Love Swing

Love Rocker & Love Swing
social furniture

We were invited by mostlikely as part of a select group of architects, designers, and artists to participate in the sudden workshop Wiener Werkstadt. This collaborative workshop follows the principle of creating and using common goods, rather than putting the focus on pure profitability.

The guidelines were to only use two formats of wooden planks and a chop saw. Based on this low-tech manufacturing approach we created two pieces of furniture to have fun in public space. We designed and built a rocking bench and a porch swing with the two seats oriented towards each other, thereby encouraging the users to communicate. Both prototypes explored the tension of intimate public furniture. Placed in the courtyard just outside the working space, they were used for months after the actual workshop. Creative Commons.

This and all other contributions to the Wiener Werkst├Ądte Collection are featured in the book mostlikely sudden workshop.

Photos by KIM+HEEP & Mark Neuner