Pho House

Pho House
Vietnamese restaurant

We re-designed the fantastic Vietnamese restaurant Nguyen’s Pho House in Vienna. The boats suspended from the ceiling are inspired by the dramatic escape of the Nguyen family from their war-torn homeland, the journey that eventually took them to Austria. They are bright and colourful just like the people that run the show!
In addition to being a key visual element the boats improve the acoustics of the space by absorbing reverberations with their wool lining. An open kitchen welcomes you as soon as you enter the space. Oak benches run along the walls, offering warmth and maximum flexibility while being compact. All the other furniture is moveable to accommodate for changing situations.
Close-ups of our acoustic flying boats suspended from the ceiling at Nguyen’s Pho House in Vienna. They are one of the main features of our design. The polygonized shape has several advantages. It consists of only three different elements, making production efficient. The angled faces with CNC-milled slots and wool felt lining catch reverberations effectively. Finally, the geometry reminds you of origami and playfully folding paper boats.

Joinery by Martin Danner.
Photos by Leonhard Hilzensauer