Christmas Market on Stephansplatz

Christmas Market on Stephansplatz
hut and lighting design, corporate design

The Christmas Market on Stephansplatz is a deeply human counterpoint to the season’s darkness and cold. You meet each other, huddle together and get warm, inside and out.
The design of the market displays great respect for the history of the location. At the same time it is an antithesis to the alpine romanticism of conventional Christmas markets. The single most important source of inspiration was the Gothic style of St. Stephens’s Cathedral, it’s rose windows, pointed arches, and cross vaults. Elements of the windows were reinterpreted as snowflakes and can be found in the illumination, on the mugs, and are essential to the overall corporate identity. The architecture of the huts invokes the arches of the dome’s magnificent ceiling.

Photos by Harald Schlossko

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