Stillfried Wien (NY)

Stillfried Wien (NY)
design shop

Stillfried Wien is a design gallery and Austria’s new cultural embassy in New York. It connects traditional European craftsmanship and 200 year old manufacturers with contemporary designers and production processes.
The interior design does not try to steal the show. It uses natural materials. The stained hardwood floor and 28 meter brick wall create a warm atmosphere. Flowing sheer curtains suggest depth, widening the narrow space. The main feature that ties everything together and bridges the gap between past and present is the custom-made suspended ceiling. Its pattern bows to the iconic Thonet bent-wood chairs with their cannage seats (Wiener Geflecht) made famous in Vienna coffee houses. This time around it is scaled up, CNC-milled, shimmering gold and guiding the gaze with its multiple vantage points.
A few pieces of bespoke sales furniture made from solid oak share a distinct cross-brace as common DNA. Large bell jars highlight and
protect especially precious pieces.
A wooden lamella wall picks up the rhythm set by the curtains and supports a glass showcase while keeping you from falling down the stairs.

Photos by Clemens Kois